Does this type of fashion really define us?

Every day young peop­le are stan­ding in front of their ward­ro­be and don’t know what to wear. But fashion should­n’t defi­ne our life.

Go insi­de a shop­ping mall and look around. In most cases, you will see a lot of young peop­le buy­ing or at least wea­ring brand clot­hing. But many teens feel real­ly bad, becau­se they are too expen­si­ve for them. But wea­ring brand clot­hing isn’t real­ly important, becau­se you have to feel com­for­ta­ble in your fashion style. You defi­ne it. If you like nor­mal jeans, a dress or shorts: wear it.

Fashion isn’t important becau­se it doe­s­n’t defi­ne your cha­rac­ter and beha­viour. May­be there’s a girl with the latest clo­thes beha­ving like an ass­ho­le. And may­be there’s a girl who wears stran­ge clo­thes (someo­ne might say too dir­ty or too old clo­thes), but she would go through the fire to help you. Then I think it’s clear which girl you should choo­se as your fri­end.

Last but not least: Just ima­gi­ne, all peop­le on earth would wear the latest brand clot­hing. Then ever­y­bo­dy would wear uni­forms and ever­y­bo­dy would be like the other one. No dif­fe­ren­ces. But that means being a human, being spe­cial, being dif­fe­rent. We are indi­vi­du­als. Your style rep­res­ents you, not some­bo­dy else. So just wear what you like and you will feel com­for­ta­ble with it.

I think too many peop­le are influ­en­ced by the clo­thes that others wear, the new one, the brand. You should wear what you like, becau­se fashion isn’t the most important thing in the world. Your beha­viour is what defi­nes you. Just deal with the topic accord­ing to a Ger­man say­ing:

“Real beau­ty comes from insi­de.“