fore­ver is a big word.
you will fore­ver be mine – he said
school will fore­ver be the most important thing in your life – mom said
you will fore­ver be my litt­le girl – dad said
best fri­ends fore­ver – they said
woof – he said
and now they are all gone. some­whe­re i never want to be. hap­py and great­ful for ever­ything they have becau­se not­hing lasts fore­ver. just remem­ber life is hard but ever­y­bo­dy is sur­vi­ving


Jes­si­ca Lat­ze




Der Bei­trag ist anläss­lich des 90. Geburts­ta­ges der Fors­ter „Jahn­schu­le“ im Rah­men der Pro­jekt­wo­che am Gym­na­si­um ent­stan­den.